Feb 29, 2008

News, products and resources for the bead artisan, jeweler and hobbyist

Welcome to this first entry in my Beaded Jewelry Gazette and Blog.

I am really excited about the fact that this unique resource will provide useful information and links to many of the best places to find the types of beads, tools and accessories that you need to create your beaded art and jewelry. Now and then, I will also discuss and show my own necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry that I have a strong passion for creating. Whenever there are events and meetings of bead societies, or articles that would be of interest to beaders, I'll make a point of posting them. If you have any events that bead artists want to know about, please contact me.


Jim Juris said...

Hi Harriet,

I think that you have a very nice blog.

I am a photographer and my specialty is jewelry and craft photography.

I am the author of an ebook titled- Inexpensive Jewelry Photography Techniques: How to use inexpensive techniques to photograph jewelry, crafts, collectible, and online auction items.

I offer free and useful information on my web site that may be useful to your readers that need help with their jewelry photography.

I invite you and your readers to check out my Inexpensive Jewelry Photography website.

Harriet said...

Hi Jim,
Thank you very much for your complimentary comment. I think that your idea is wonderful. It is very important to know how to photograph jewelry well.

When I first started to photograph my pieces, I did not have a clue. Luckily, I had an aquaintance who was a jewelry photographer and so with his help, I was able to begin photographing with the simple techniques that he told me about.

I find, though that even now I would like to have more contrast and clarity in my photographs.

Yes, it is very important to use a good tripod, a good digital camera, white light or full spectrum light source and a light box (I used foam core to create the box) for reflective light.

I found just recently that it is important to diffuse the light if using a full spectrum light source.

Then, importantly, if one has Adobe Photoshop to make color corrections and crop...that is even better.

I will direct people to you and will be looking at your site...there is always more to learn.

Thank you again.