Jun 21, 2009

Beads at Harvard Sqaure ~ Cambridge

As a New Yorker, coming from the hectic fast-paced streets of the city, Harvard Square is like a breath of fresh air. Why? I have been visiting the Boston area for several years now because my close friends’ mother lives in a nearby location. Its relaxed beauty in which the Edwardian brick buildings of Harvard University that spread out over the area, as well as its many unique streets, shops and beautiful homes and history make it a stroller's paradise.

There are two shops both are on Church Street, a few doors apart. The first store is Cambridge Artists' Cooperative. I love to visit because I know that I will always find wonderful handmade and unique American items of the highest quality. They are largely created by New England artists and craftspeople. Their merchandise varies from paintings to framed stamps, from wearable items to truly amazing jewelry. The sales people are very friendly and open to chat about the store, the artists and life in general.

The wonderful thing about this store is that they are always open to new or not so new artists and designers. www.cambridgeartistscoop.com.

The other store in Cambridge is Beadworks, also on Church Street. This is a company that has a chain of several stores in different cities. What is really terrific about this store is that they cater to the hobbyist, to those new to beadwork and to the more experienced artisans. The store has great natural light provided by a beautiful skylight that creates an airy feeling. It is clearly laid out with their beads grouped by color. They offer classes and friendly assistance. I wish that we had a Beadworks Store in NYC (though there is one in Westchester). www.beadworkscambridge.com

I have included two necklaces that I created from the beads that I bought at Beadworks and one picture of the jewelry from the coop.

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