Jul 17, 2009

Spectacular Contemporary Jewelry from Peru!

Twitter has been an incredible community and means to meet fabulously talented jewelry and bead artist from across the globe. In the last three months, I have had the great fortune of having over 600 hundred people follow my tweets and my blog.

Pilar and Aldo are two very talented and artistic crafts people haling from Lima, Peru.

When I saw their work, I was thrilled with its uniqueness, and implored to write to them and ask them if I could feature their work on my blog. They were very happy to fulfill my request. So, here for the first time on this blog is just a few samples of their work. Please enjoy and don’t be shy to look at the other links that they have offered.

Pilar and Aldo are a happy couple that enjoy making and creating jewelry objects inspired by music, books and battles that cannot be found on maps but in the gifts of the wind.

Pilar works in Special Education and she studied Silver Crochet with the sculpture artist Juan Pacheco at Escultorica in her hometown Lima, Peru. Here is the site www.escultorica.com. In Canada, she took some courses in flaming glass. Her inspiration is based in the cosmos, the earth and the sea.

Aldo is an electronic engineer and also jeweler. He graduated from the Instituto Peruano de Joyeria y Arte, Escuela de Joyeria in his hometown of Lima. Here is their site address www.iperjoy.com. He also participated as an artist in the Patronato de Plata del Peru contest in 2006, www.patronatoplatadelperu.org. Aldo, also took courses in flaming and fused glass.

Both, Aldo and Pilar believe that there are simple things around us that make us happy. Those things are the gifts of the wind, like the dance of the leaves, the laughter of children playing, the smell of freshly baked bread...

M.Aldito.Arte / Aldo + Pilar

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